You may literally be eating your gut alive! The majority of Americans don’t even realize that their gut ( gastrointestinal) lining is smooth muscle and will be sacrificed for the rest of the body. What is meant by this? If you don’t take in your essential amino acids, 9 of them, ... Read More


Stress on adrenals will cause the release of cortisol which will cause increase in sugar and fatty acids in the blood stream.


Literally, stress can deep six you and you wouldn’t even know it.  In the beginning, stress is a good thing that can literally save your life, but long term; it will literally rip your body to pieces. Take for example if you are in the forest and you don’t have a ... Read More


I have quite a few patients come to my office complaining of fatigue especially after being put on Synthroid.  What most of these patients don’t realize is that the Synthroid version only has the active form of the thyroid hormone (T4). There is at least one problem with only T4 ... Read More


The number one ailment that walks into my office is acid reflux.  Most patients believe that they are handling the issue by taking a medication that decreases the acid.  Patients generally give me that blank look when I ask them, " What is causing your acid reflux?"  They don't realize ... Read More

Your Gut Eaten Alive!

Your Gut Eaten Alive!


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